22 Feb 2017

How to sell a domain name

3 castresena domain will protagonistic the announcement of the sale of domineerimine sale During the existence of almost every domain the moment of change of ownership. The reasons may be quite different perhaps the company ceased to exist or the domain was bought in bulk with others and has never been…

22 Feb 2017

Domain auction sites and domain names

Types of auctions Domain auction from WebNames.Ru one of the top three online auctions of domain names in Russian Internet for buying and selling domain names. Our Commission two times less compared to the other auctions which means that buyers and sellers of domains spend less money on us and more on…

07 Feb 2017

Industrial led lamp

Rate the product Industrial led lamp are presented on this page on a 5-point scale.Select one of the numbers 1-5 min-mahwah window for comments, you can leave your opinion or suggestion. The editors of the portal is not responsible for the accuracy of the information published by companies in…

07 Feb 2017

Led bulb

In our store you can buy led bulbs at a price which will surprise you. Especially for you we have included in its range the most popular models such as E27E14GX53GX70MR16GU10G4G9 there is a photo for each model. The main advantage of this form of light production is in its lifetime which could amount…

13 Jan 2017

15 questions that need asking SEO agencies, when ordering services

In the field of search engine optimization there is a problem that not all people involved in seo, provide good service to their clients. When selecting a specific artist you should know that you will pay for. Below is a list of questions, the answers to which you must know in advance before drawing…

26 Oct 2016

Launching a new brand - STEP 8

Step 8. Smooth start
How can PR last phase of the program to launch a new brand? It depends on many factors. We therefore recommend that "soft" start.

Must have a new product or service on the market is only after the PR campaign is over. The product will be presented when ready.…

26 Oct 2016

Launching a new brand - STEP 7

Step 7. Improved messages to the user
Launching a new brand, you usually have a number of characteristics that describe a product that you can do part of the brand.

But some of them focus?

This is one of those issues which may go endless disputes on the board. Too often,…

26 Oct 2016

Launching a new brand - STEP 6

Step 6. Product Improvement
Contact Us - an important element in the promotion of the brand using PR. If you start a campaign long before the actual product to market, then you have time to improve the product before it reaches the market. This can be a great advantage.

In advertising…

26 Oct 2016

Launching a new brand - STEP 5

Step 5. Promotion from small to large
Before a person begins to walk, he crawls. And before it starts to run, he walks. Media work the same way. You start with a small, for example, with a small note in the newsletter, and then the information gets to the trade publication. Then you can go…

26 Oct 2016

Launching a new brand - STEP 4

Step 4. Attracting allies
Why do all alone, if others can also help you in the dissemination of information?

The gradual deployment of a PR program allows enough time to win over allies. Furthermore, the mention of you in the press will help to attract volunteers.

Who are…