The most effective method to Find Relevant Backlink Pages for Your Links If you are here, you definitely realize that it is insufficient recently to have quality and helpful substance when we are looking at obtaining connections to your source. A lot of criteria ought to be considered when acquiring backlinks (discover more about the backlinks quality criteria). We had thought about these criteria when we were making our stock. So now, you can without much of a stretch discover the sources that fit you.

Simply make a definite third party referencing arrangement in view of the accompanying choice criteria and get beat 10 rankings on Google. The principal figure when purchasing connections ought to be the significance of the website page where your connection will be set (get $50 – allude a companion). Purchasing joins constructing exclusively with respect to SB Rank (or past PR) is not prescribed, most importantly, in light of the fact that Google crossed out PageRank. PR is presently in the past and this calculation isn't overhauling any longer. To make picking backlinks simpler, we set up SB Rank in view of DA and PA of chose sources. There are numerous linkbuilding variables that add to high web crawler rankings, so purchasing joins depending just on these measurements won't finish your objectives. Select Relevant Sources It's profoundly prescribed to buy joins from important backlink pages. Applicable backlink pages will be pages from different sites that have an opportunity to achieve your objective market. In the event that you have a land site, then obviously promoting on other land sites or land segments would be a decent decision, yet publicizing on other related destinations, for example, contract locales, moving organization locales, neighborhood and so on would likewise be applicable to your general topic. Seek by catchphrase, full URL or space There are three approaches to set the hunt of applicable and right backlink pages for your site in our Buy Links Interface: 1. Seek by Keyword/URL The Search by Keyword/URL Filter was intended to locate the most applicable backlink pages.

Be that as it may, before purchasing backlinks, tally what number of them do you require with the assistance of our SEO Cost Calculator. Our 'Hunt by Keyword/URL' interface is a web index that scans for your catchphrase inside the substance of our distributer's locales. Additionally, you can essentially embed URL of a particular page where you need to put your connections. It permits you to discover website pages that are applicable to your business and get joins from those pages. Along these lines, to locate a significant site page, from which you need to get a backlink, you have to present a few watchwords that depict your business. At that point you can buy joins from those pages for any stay message that you need.

For instance, if you will likely accomplish #1 on Google for watchword 'purchase extravagance houses', then you can scan for catchphrases like land, home, homes, house, houses, condo, cabin, property and so on. In addition, you can likewise utilize catchphrases like home loan and moving that are less important yet achieve your intended interest group.

Utilizing such catchphrases will permit you to discover numerous site pages important to your business. At that point you can choose the craved site pages, click "Purchase" catch, and on the following stride, you'll have the capacity to enter your sought stay content 'purchase extravagance houses' that will be utilized as a part of the content connections, indicating your site. Getting backlinks from these applicable website pages will prompt to huge rankings upgrades of your webpage in Google SERPs. It would be ideal if you take note of that in the event that you just attempt to discover backlink pages in our stock that contain your correct stay content 'purchase extravagance houses', you'll locate a much lower number of backlink pages applicable to your business. That is the reason we encourage you to utilize some short broad watchwords identified with your business to discover more accessible backlink pages. 2. Seek by Domain You can likewise discover backlink pages from various area zones. In the event that you need to purchase joins from site pages with particular area zones, for example,, .ca,, .edu, .gov, and so forth, round out this field with your craved space zone, for instance, and press Enter.

It permits you to see backlink pages in our stock with area zone. Select Appropriate Domain Zones When selecting sites, it is basic to get joins from various area zones. Google adores .edu and .gov sites; they are dependable, and that is the reason joins from these sites are positioned great. It is awesome on the off chance that you purchase joins from such areas, however don't try too hard, as it might appear to be suspicious in the event that you have a great deal of connections from just .edu and .gov spaces. 3. Look by Full URL Find particular backlink pages or distributers by URL. In the event that you need to purchase joins from a particular website page, which you definitely think about, enter its URL in this Search by URL field and press Enter.

For instance, it can happen when you get an offer from your record director with physically chose backlink pages for you, and you need to purchase a connection from those correct pages. Utilize this Search by URL field to effectively discover those pages in BRANDDOMAINSMARKET stock and purchase joins from them. Pick Categories Choose Backlink Page Category Filter finds significant sites by picking a class of the organizations which you are occupied with.

For example, in the event that you claim a travel office, then you can click 'Select Categories' catch and afterward Recreation and pick 'Voyaging and Hotels'. After you include this channel, you'll see all the backlink pages which proprietors decided as 'Voyaging and Hotels' classification for them. You can pick numerous site classifications if your site is pertinent to an alternate specialty.

On the off chance that you are chasing for a couple of high SB Rank connections (SB4-SB8), however can't discover such backlink pages in your site classification, then you can evacuate all class channels, set the SB Rank and view every one of the offers from different classifications with SB of your advantage. Be that as it may, it is unequivocally NOT prescribed to purchase joins in view of PR just since Penguin redesign the site page significance turned out to be so essential. Some of the time even SB1 connect from a pertinent page can enhance your webpage rankings much superior to anything SB7 interface from a not important site. In addition, an inconsequential backlink can even lower your site rankings. Along these lines, concentrate on getting just important backlinks to your site. On the off chance that you as of now have random backlinks, indicating your site, you would do well to evacuate them and secure pertinent connections. Pick the district of your advantage Links from your nation or locale are more viable.

Along these lines, we have included the criteria where you can pick an area and even a nation so you can discover pertinent backlinks associated with your site and area. There are 7 districts: Asia Africa Central America Europe North America South America Australia and Oceania and 240 nations in our rundown. Moreover, the pursuit line will help you to discover the nation you're intrigued quicker. Dialect channel Set the dialect channel to discover the locales with substance in English, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Swedish, Korean, Bulgarian and so on. In the event that you have a non-English site, it's constantly better to pick connects in your dialect. The most important substance is absolutely composed in dialect associated with your business.

What You Can Do to Increase The Quality of Backlink Page Offers Below we will portray the devices which will help you to channel the most important backlink page offers. 1. Uncommon channels Unique offers per SB Rank - Use this choice when you see excessively numerous offers originating from similar sites. Once empowered, you will see just a single offer for particular SB per site. For instance, if there is a site with 100 SB3 backlink pages and 50 SB4 backlink pages, and you would prefer not to see the not insignificant rundown of every one of these pages from this site, check this checkbox and BRANDDOMAINSMARKET will demonstrate you just a single SB3 and one SB4 backlink page from this area name.

Utilizing the exceptional channel you're ready to avoid Blogspot connections and Blog Platforms or pick just the primary pages to be appeared. By picking "Demonstrate the best outcomes", you get content separated by this criteria. We have a record =price/max.price for a connection with a similar SB Example: a connection with SB5 costs $5, the greatest cost for a connection with SB5 is $60, the list levels with 5/60=0.083 a connection with SB0 costs $0.09, the most extreme cost for SB0 connection is $1, the coefficient is 0.09/1=0.09 With this channel on, you'll get a connection with lower coefficient first in the connection list. The lower record is, the better the connection is.


1. Why do I need SEO?
SEO - one of the most effective ways to increase revenue from your website. SEO will help you lure appropriate visitors who are interested in exactly what you offer on your site.
2. How does it work?
When Internet users are in need of any services or products, most of them looking for the right in search engines using relevant keywords. And search engines provide links to Web sites in response to user requests. We make your website "visible" on the results page, making the appropriate visitors to you.
3. What benefits will I SEO?
Visibility Website rise => you will more than suitable visitors => your products or services will be ordering more people => online sales increase.
4. Does my site has retained its rating after the end of the promotion?
We can not guarantee that your site will keep the rating after the end of the promotion, and, in general, according to our experience, organic search traffic falls by 25-50% in 2-3 months after the cessation of website promotion. Also, your rating will affect the competitive landscape of your business, as well as SEO-activity of your competitors: the more they are engaged of SEO, the faster and more substantial will fall rating.
5. What are the differences between organic SEO and paid results? What's better?
Both methods are good if they are used correctly. Paid results are good for immediate results, and for short-term advertising campaigns. The downside of this method is that you mentioned only when you pay for it. In addition, the proportion of users trust organic search results more than paid results.
For the Organic SEO takes time (usually 2-6 months - depending on the niche to which your business belongs to) in order to achieve the results you stamp. When you stop practicing of SEO, you will still be on the search page for a while, before the rating will fall.
6. What search engines are your goal in moving?
All search engines are based on the same principles, and the differences between them - especially the algorithms. When we work with the web site, improving its position in all search engines. Thus, with an increase in Google rankings and increase your ranking on other search sites.

Technical issues
7. What is an XML sitemap?
Sitemap XML - is a list of Web site pages available for crawlers or users. Map helps visitors and search engine bots to search for pages on the website. Robots most search engines understand xml language, so a site map, along with other methods (such as the formation of internal links between pages) stimulates rapid and complete indexing.
8. What is a robots.txt file?
Robots.txt file - is a special service file, which prompts most of the robots of search engines when you visit the site. With this file, you can block indexing of individual pages, and even whole sections of the site. In this file you can also add links to XML site map. Thus robots to index the site correctly.
9. What are meta tags?
Meta tags - are special tags to labels in the language of html, which are used to determine the content of a specific page. For the most important SEO title tags (for page ranking in response to a specific request) and description tags (description affect the display of data in the passage that accompanies the link)
10. What is the page rank and how important it is?
Ranking page - it is the number of links to a page based on the "weight" of pages to which links are made. In other words, an assessment pages By Google. Typically, the parameter is set in the range from 1 to 10 units. The value of this indicator is often exaggerated by laymen, but this factor remains important in the Google algorithm.
11. What is the optimization of images using SEO?
Generally, the term refers to filling the «alt» attribute meta «img» tag text and keywords. Attribute «Alt» plays the same role for images as the «title» to the web - page. It helps search engine robots to search for images using the last name.
12. What is different on-page optimization and off thereof?
On-page optimization (on-page) is, roughly speaking, in completing the meta tag «title» keywords including keywords related to the text on the page to validate redirects to the website and check the contents of your robots.txt file. Optimization is the page (Off-page) - the formation of links, sending links to your site with the correct anchor, based on selected keywords.
13. How much of back links the site to get high rankings?
This rate is very individual and depends on specific keywords and niche businesses. The more complex the site topics, the more back links you need.
14. Why my site links?
If the site are links - this means that for a site / page are given "voice" from the perspective of a search engine. Simply put, can be explained as follows: if the site / page is a lot of quality links, the site / page's reputation in terms of search engine is good, and if the links a little - it's bad.
Choosing your company
15. You sign a contract?
Yes, we are ready to execute all kinds of legal documents necessary for the implementation of cooperation.
16. I want to on a number of queries, my site was in the top three on the Google homepage. You can guarantee it?
No we can not. And no one can, if the company is honest and its employees are brave enough to admit it. Google's algorithm is closed and is constantly changing. That is why we believe that to give such a guarantee - in fact, cheating the customer, as the company decides to guarantee the factors that are beyond its control. Although 97% of our projects are in the top ten in Google TOP 10 in response to the 70% we have developed the key words at least, but we still prefer not to give guarantees.

17. I do not need your position, I want the traffic and sales growth. To help with this you?
Yes we can. In our work, we pay more attention to increase relevant traffic and improve circulation. We use a similar approach for the majority of our customers, because we understand that the ultimate goal of our work - the sale, rather than the position on the search page, or even traffic.
18. Have you worked on the principle of "pay per link" or do you ask for a percentage of income?
No, we do not work this way. While we can agree on any model of mixed remuneration and receive bonuses for providing additional disabilities / the emergence of new customers.
Please keep in mind that your website is your business, and we are not willing to share your risks - such as the total competitive business models, the stability of your web site, the range of products and their availability, price, delivery terms and courtesy of your managers and. m. n..
19. What is the payment schedule? I want to pay for results - can I do that?
We are provided with a monthly payment of 100% prepayment. While we can discuss the mixed model of remuneration, in which we take a certain amount as a down payment and get an extra bonus for achieving results before the stipulated deadline.
20. What increase the volume of traffic should I expect and within what period of time?
As part of our offer we can make a rough estimate of the expected traffic on the basis of this parameter, the competition and Statistics keywords in the search engines.
21. When will I see the first results?
In our experience, the first results are already visible after 2-3 months after the start of work on the condition that all of our SEO-recommendations for corrections to the site are made on time. Depending on the initial stage of your overall project and competitive environment may require up to six months to get really impressive results.
22. How long will our cooperation?
Our goal is long-term partnership and that is why it is important that our work brings you success. Therefore, we will continue to help you earn more; in this case to us and the client is beneficial for many years.
23. What methods of optimization you use?
Since we provide complex services, we use all the techniques to optimize the site and beyond.
24. Do you provide education records as a separate service?
As a rule, we provide complex services in the field of online marketing to increase sales, - SEO, PPC management, web space analysis and usability analysis. m. p.
Formation of the links is not given us as a separate service, as we know from our own experience that this method is only effective if it is carried out in conjunction with the analysis of web space and performing SEO on your site.
25. Will my site listed in directories?
Yes, we register all the projects promoted in catalogs of sites with the help of our partners. This procedure allows you to transfer weak sites (with PageRank, approximately equal to 2), and contributes to their emergence in the first 500 results in response to such requests. This is a great help in the work, plus a welcome help to diversify the scope of reference. We do not assign links of the central importance of directories.
26. What about the thematic catalogs?
All registration sites is carried out in the same base directory, which is constantly updated, adjusted and supplemented with new directories. It includes a general subject directories and specialized.
27. I need to write articles and prepare a description of the goods. You can help?
As a rule, copywriting is not included in our SEO services package, if such a service has been agreed in advance. Drawing texts remains the exclusive prerogative of the client: no one knows your business better than you do, and in the preparation of texts by third-party persons of the information that you would like to convey to your customers will certainly be lost. We will be happy just to optimize the text for SEO purposes.

28. I want to make changes to my site, but I do not have a programmer at a constant rate (or it is loaded on the ears). You can help us with this?
For security reasons we prefer that only you have access to the admin panel of your site. In addition, the software part of the majority of projects carried out by a third party, and this work is very rarely documented properly. Therefore, there is always a risk of something broken.
But with any minor changes, for example, meta-tags or tag modifications, we can help.
29. Do you conduct SEO audit?
Yes, we carry out. Always wise to use any SEO expert for the development of a website. In this case, you get a website that is fully coordinated with all the requirements of search engines - and you will avoid later rework.
But if you already have a website, we'll be happy to give you a single of SEO-audit.
30. What information do you provide a monthly report?
In this monthly report provides data on the dynamics of the situation on the search page, the traffic, the volume of work during the reporting period and plans for the next period. If you need any additional information that should be included in the monthly reports, we are ready to discuss this issue.
31. I have a small business, and your standard price - outside of my budget. Can you do me something to offer?
Yes, we can offer bundled services SEO. For details, see the answer to question 32.
32. What's the difference between batch and individual services offer SEO?
Bundled Services SEO - a complex of single services are usually aimed at the promotion of small forms of business. They are designed so as to meet the requirements of the client's website search engines and give an initial "kick" site. If you want to know more - please contact us at
In order to achieve really good results, such measures may not be enough, especially if you work in a high level of competition. In such cases, a regular job for a few months, as described in our individual offers for SEO. So depending on your budget you can choose from the two options.
33. What is your experience in search marketing?
We are working in this business since 2004 and we have accumulated hundreds of successful projects. The main specialization of the company - SEO and SEM, but we offer a full range of services to promote your business from offline to online, and turning it into a successful enterprise.
34. You can see examples of your work?
Of course. Please go to the list of our clients and portfolio.
35. Why should I choose your company?
We will help you to earn more on your online design and develop your online business.
36. I have decided to cooperate with your company. What should I do next?
Please contact us at We will contact you and let you further instructions.

clerical work
37. And if we can not implement some of your recommendations?
This is a standard situation, and there's nothing to worry about. When we give you something to recommend, we always offer the most promising way to promote your project. However, if the introduction of a number of techniques is not possible, we will always find an alternative route, which may be less effective, but still give your site a number of advantages in terms of search engine.
38. I looked through the review references and links discovered, it seems to me dubious. Can you replace them with better quality for a slightly higher price? Among the links that you have placed there non-thematic. Is not it better to use thematic links to promote your site?
When forming links, we try to choose those that will be most effective within a given budget. Other links serve different purposes - accelerate indexing, ranking the formation in response to a query by one group or type of request. They can also work on the formation of "natural" background of total links and credibility to this resource.
39. Links that you bought - they are permanent or have to pay monthly for them? Will they be removed if you do not make the monthly payments?
Since most webmasters and site owners prefer to receive a fixed income from their sites, there is an imbalance in the market, coupled with monthly payments. However, we are constantly working to get a mixed lot of links to provide a more stable position in search results.
40. What other measures are necessary to improve the ranking of the project? How can we help you?
Firstly, it is very important to involve the maximum number of thematic queries, including the so-called "long tail". If you have the resources to develop the site's content (ie. E. Your employees can maintain a blog or write an article in the week), please let us know and we will offer you the most effective strategy for an optimized texts according to the popularity and competitiveness of prompts potential customers.
41. Why does the position of site in your reports is different from the one I see in the search results?
Initially, the results that the user sees on a page of search results vary by country, city or area in which he lives. The geographical position of the user is determined automatically by Google - on the basis of the same technologies that are used for contextual advertising in Google AdWords (using the user's IP as a fundamental factor).
Search results also vary depending on the version of Google (,, ... and language settings. In addition, they can be adjusted individually, if the user is logged in the system (ie. e. I came in the mail Gmail box) - and so on...
Without going into details, the most different situations within the same country are small (+/- 3-5 positions) - depending on whether there is in this case a factor that Google considers it necessary to take into account and reflect the user defined area (for example, local news, or important local web sites).
42. My website has a good ranking in country X, but ranking in the country Y worse. From what?
Ranking in Google regional versions depends on many factors, the most important of which are the domain zone ( sites in the area have an advantage in rating) and the references of the available domain zone.
Thus, if there is a category for your powerful many sites in the country X, and they will receive a higher ranking.
We constantly analyze the traffic from different regions for projects in the field of intercontinental business and working hard to maintain a high position in all regions. However, if you think that your site gets ranked high enough in a particular region, let us know and we will take action.
43. The positions of my site in response to the request (s) dropped from third place to fifth (sixth, seventh, eighth - in the range of +/- 10 positions). What could be the reason, and when all comes back?
First of all it should be understood that the pages of search engines - not a static weight and the dynamic, continuously adjustable system (either by changing algorithms or due to the actions of competitors).
In addition, it is important that the search engines have a number of servers and the search results, which are calculated in real-time - they differ not only in cities, but even in some areas of the same city!
Therefore, it is important to pay more attention not to the position of a site in the rankings (after all, only the first place on the page you money will not bring), but also the traffic associated with the request, as well as the transformation of the latter in the activities necessary for business (subscription, registration, purchase of goods).

44. Keywords for the promotion of the project does not coincide with the business model site
The entire site or individual pages have defects in usability and information architecture.
If you believe that the conversion is less than desired, then do not hesitate to contact your SEO manager, who is working on your project, and we will offer you a solution.
45. I want to stop work on the project in January (February ...) for a month, as this period coincides with the low season sales. How will this affect the optimization for search engines?
Unfortunately, in 99% of cases this is not possible. We spend money on buying text links, which must be paid, or to remove them. In the case of the removal of records and their subsequent recovery through them a month, probably will not work, because the search engine will take into account the fact that they were removed, and then returned, and either will not give them the previous value, or will even ignore them when forming the rankings.
Practically, after termination of the site's position begins to fall step by step, for 1-2 months, and is difficult - and often impossible - to return the site to the point at which it all began.
SEO - not a sprint, but a marathon, and this significant result is achieved as a result of long and laborious work on the project.
46. ​​If I want to change the design of the site (to make significant changes), how will this affect SEO?
Significant changes in the site structure will inevitably affect your ranking on search pages. In our practice, we are faced with a sudden increase in traffic after the redesign of the site, which was carried out taking into account the recommendations of the SEO and traffic to decrease, if the recommendations were not followed.
In any case, if you plan to radically change the site, consult with a specialist of SEO, who is working on your project, about the possible consequences, and ask how to use the improved project design to the maximum benefit. It should be taken into account expert advice, and the potential loss in traffic if the SEO requirements have not been taken into account when changing the design.