26 Oct

Launching a new brand - STEP 5

Step 5. Promotion from small to large
Before a person begins to walk, he crawls. And before it starts to run, he walks. Media work the same way. You start with a small, for example, with a small note in the newsletter, and then the information gets to the trade publication. Then you can go even higher - up to the level of the business press. Ultimately, you may see your product or service on TV.

With each new step of the ladder of your brand's reputation is growing. Referring directly to the TV to the agent, you can get the heave-ho. But if the TV people know about your products written journals, they may call you for yourself.

As you climb up the medialestnitse, your brand is "dispersed" and continues to spin out of inertia.

In advertising vice versa. The advertising campaign is most often begins with a television. The idea, again, is to make a "big bang", for which it will follow a more modest "reminding" advertising.Launching a new brand - STEP 3

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