26 Oct

Launching a new brand - STEP 8

Step 8. Smooth start
How can PR last phase of the program to launch a new brand? It depends on many factors. We therefore recommend that "soft" start.

Must have a new product or service on the market is only after the PR campaign is over. The product will be presented when ready. That is when the media do their job. Not before and not later.

Yes, the soft start is confusing in budgeting and corporate planning. It can even interfere with the plans of production and distribution. Let it so. In marketing, as in life, the main thing - to choose the time. The right product at the right time with the right PR support - an unbeatable combination.

In advertising vice versa. As a rule, the advertising campaign is closely linked to the presence of the finished product. The first advertisement appears when the product is marketed.

Getting the majority of advertising campaigns - it's "time H" point "product landing." Under the guise of advertising air and ground support promotions.

The military metaphor can decorate it at a meeting of sales, but it lacks flexibility when faced with the real world. No one can predict the course of a PR campaign: how long it will take, what new ideas are born and strokes.

But better late than bad.

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